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Essen’s journey towards leadership in plastic film manufacturing started in 1988. From a modest beginning of 30 kg/hr we have proudly augmented our production capacity beyond 4000kg/hr. Spread across premises of over 14000 sq. yards our manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the art processing machines & a modern in-house laboratory.

We are proud of our recognition amongst business circles as an enthusiastic and respected organization which is passionate about innovation & striving for differentiation.

pioneer spirit

in the world
to produce Foam film

to produce
co-ex 3 layer
10 mtr. wide Greenhouse Film in India

to print Logo, Product Code & Batch number on film in India

to produce Mulch films with pre-fabricated holes in India

to produce Embossed Mulch Film in India

to produce
5 layer Greenhouse
Film in India