Mushroom cultivation in greenhouses at village Edakkara Tehsil Nilambur District Mallapuram in Kerala. The village is now known as Mushroom village as there are over 26 functional greenhouses managed by group of women farmers who are cultivating mushroom under protected cultivation. Based on the success of the project additional 100 greenhouses have already been sanctioned.

Each greenhouse is of 100 sqm for which a special SUNCOOL polyfilm was developed to maintain the required climatic condition in the greenhouse. The farmers are earning currently around Rs. 2 lakh per year from this project. (50 kg of mushroom in 3 months selling at an average price of Rs. 200/- to Rs. 300/-). The initial investment per greenhouse is around Rs. 1.5 Lakh for which 50% assistance is given by Kerala Horticulture Department in form of subsidy. Thus one can now get an annual return of Rs. 2 lacs on an investment of Rs. 75,000 bringing smile on the face of number of farmers.


Name of the Farmer : Angurima Lepchya

Location : East Sikkim

Ms. Angurima Lepchya constructed her pond for storage of water by using SUNCOOL Pond Liners under a Sikkim State Government Scheme in the year 2011. She is using the stored water for irrigation of crops during summers, when water is not available from other sources. Thus, she is able to cultivate the vegetables round the year which was not possible without storage of water. Her annual income has also increased by 40% because of the use of stored water in her pond.


Name of the Farmer : Mr. Hanuman Punyama

Location : Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Mr. Hanuman from Jaipur district is using SUNCOOL Plastic Mulch and Low Tunnel Sheets for his vegetables cultivation during the monsoon and winter seasons. The winter season is very critical as the temperatures are very low and virtually no growth due to the low temperatures and hails. Use of mulch and low tunnels keeps the inside climate quite warm that helps the vegetable crops to have an early production. Similarly he is able to produce best quality vegetables with increased quantity at less water and fertilizers consumption even in chilled winters. It is possible only because of the use of SUNCOOL Plastic Mulch and Low Tunnels. He is using these technologies since 2010 and now more than 1000 farmers in the Jaipur district applying the same technology on their farms and achieving best results and income by using SUNCOOL Plastic Mulch and Low Tunnels.


Name of the Farmer : Mr. Abraham Antony (Sabu)

Location : Kannur (Kerala)

Mr. Sabu is a progressive farmer from Kannur-Kerala. He has used SUNCOOL IR Cooling Film for vegetable production under protected cultivation. Because of special cooling properties of the polyfilm, he is able to reduce the temperature by 4 to 5 degree Celsius in day time in summers as compared to other greenhouses and hence being able to produce best quality vegetables even in summers fetching best prices. His earning from greenhouses is almost double as compared to others because of the use of cooling SUNCOOL Sheets.

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