Our planet a joint heritage which needs to be preserved for our future . generations. We at Essen are committed towards global efforts in creation of a sustainable world. Over the years our efforts & resources have been focused on promotion of products that contribute towards enhancing the food security of our planet. Our passion is to propagate innovative solutions for conservation of fresh water, improving yield of crops and extend the shelf-life of the produce.

All our products are made from 100% recyclable plastics. Innovative thinner but superior quality multi-layer barrier films and ultra wide width film product resulted in significant energy savings during manufacturing, transportation as well as installations of products such as the greenhouse covers and pond reservoirs. As responsible global citizens it is not only our duty to conserve environment, but it should be a way of life. As a company, we always look for ways to minimize the harmful impact on the environment. In the course of this process we become more energy efficient by virtue of increasing use of renewable energy. We ourselves plant trees wherever there is an opportunity. We encourage fellow people to grow trees on a large scale. Thus we care for the environment. We always try our best to send the message to society to keep our country eco-friendly. We create an atmosphere in the society to keep the places of tourism and pilgrimage clean to save the environment.

Essen is basically a responsible business organization that understands the importance of well-being of society at large. Essen abides by plenty of steps taken up to make the manufacturing process as Green and Eco-friendly as possible. Progressive technologies enable Essen to produce thinner and high quality films with less use of materials. Less space also helps decrease in transport frequency and saves environment. All Essen products are 100% recyclable and food grade.

Our intention is to provide a hygienic and stress free working environment to all the people involved. Though our production does not fall under the category of any pollution creating activities, we do not leave any chances of air pollution during any of the production processes and is strictly eliminated at Essen. Water outflow is well maintained through proper drainage lines and sanitation planning. Excessive rain water is also channelized properly for outflowing without creating any pollution. As far as the noise pollution is concerned our machines follow the stringent norms of noise pollution safety standards. Regular inspection is undertaken to minimize possibility of noise pollution.

pioneer spirit

in the world
to produce Foam film

to produce
co-ex 3 layer
10 mtr. wide Greenhouse Film in India

to print Logo, Product Code & Batch number on film in India

to produce Mulch films with pre-fabricated holes in India

to produce Embossed Mulch Film in India

to produce
5 layer Greenhouse
Film in India