More than 25 years in manufacturing of plastic films & sheets. Rich knowledge base of polymer resins, performance additives, process technologies & end product performance requirements. Access to learning of numerous successfully implemented projects across India & overseas. Essen has been a leading speciality film manufacturer with the most diverse product portfolio amongst all the multi-layer co-extruded polymer films & sheets producers within India. Essen is in a position of top player among the Asian manufacturers of plastic films too. Essen’s exports are spread across many countries, it’s been an outstanding presence in the most dynamic and developed markets of the world. The high satisfaction levels of the existing customers is exemplary.

Famous for bringing in world-class yet cost-effective technology for the customers, the company has evolved the vacuum bags for safer packaging that keep grains fresh for long. This is a revolutionary packaging concept in India that prevents national loss. It is very handy as one bag has a minimum capacity of carrying 150 kg cotton at a very competitive cost which can hugely benefit the farmers to enable them for quality storage for longer periods of time. Major of the Essen products are food grade and 100% recyclable as they are made from polyethylene apart from the greenhouses as they have additives like UV and anti-oxidants. Our agricultural products have government subsidies as they protect and enhance crop yields in a big way. Result of all these is strong growth, added value for money, innovative technology, indigenous solutions, complying with local needs; a credible organization which is valuing customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders; with its resolution of ‘evolving for better future’


Access to raw materials, multi-optional processing set-up, dedicated personnel & wide distribution network ensures quick delivery of cost-effective solutions.Knowledge, experience, technology assimilation and implementation are skills employed by the company which result in a number of innovations and the ability to deliver solutions to customer needs.

‘evolving for better future’ is the value, path and goal defining solutions offered by Essen. These solutions include - the widest range of multi-layer blown film (up to five layers), an impressive range of sheets (up to five layers), PE foamed film and sheets (for various standard and special applications) as well as total packaging solutions. Cashew Bags, Pro Grape Covers and Open Top & Grow Bags are the most recent additions to the product portfolio. The wide range of raw materials include all kinds of polyethelene, EVA and barrier materials for using a multilayer structures. Technologies / products categories include multi-layer blown films and sheets for various applications. Skilled and experienced manpower ensure quality in product and after-sales services.


Diverse team comprised of experts in polymer technology, agriculture sciences, civil & project engineering. Extraordinary commitment through extension services provided with help of experienced agronomists.

Essen approaches business with the principle that change being the only constant, the company has constantly looked for ways to provide the right combination of a diversified product range so as to create the right solution to suit local needs. The spirit of innovation and adaptation continues to drive the Essen growth story. The pioneer spirit of Essen has created a combined entity that is second to none in India and one of the globally renowned quality suppliers of PE films. Around 12 products are such which have been introduced for the first time in India by Essen like PE Gutter Sheets are produced in India by Essen only. Another example, the digital printing materials of banners will be recyclable and 100% eco-friendly for the first time in India only by Essen.They all have unique features for example, the I.R. Cooling gives 5 degree decrease in temperature whereas the eco-friendly vinyl is made without paper.


Strict adherence to global standards for all products and manufacturing practices. Certified ISO 9001:2008 company.

Essen offers decades of experience in PE films sector. Essen’s reputation is based on its expertise in multi-layer co-extruded films. Its excellence in manufacturing is based on quality raw materials, equipment and its quality policy. Essen does not compromise on quality. The systems are rigorous and accurate. Traceability is specific and documented from the material right down to the men themselves. The company’s communication is transparent and its partners whether they are end clients or professionals know that someone is present to back them up at all times.

pioneer spirit

in the world
to produce Foam film

to produce
co-ex 3 layer
10 mtr. wide Greenhouse Film in India

to print Logo, Product Code & Batch number on film in India

to produce Mulch films with pre-fabricated holes in India

to produce Embossed Mulch Film in India

to produce
5 layer Greenhouse
Film in India